April, 2013
We can not thank you enough for how you helped us. You made it so we could stay in our home and even reduced our monthly mortgage payment by $400 + per month. This will now allow us to get current on other bills.
You are the Best!

May, 2013
To The Home Rescuers:
We can not thank you enough for what you are doing for us. We were told by others that there really wasn't anything we could do. It is great seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and knowing it's not a train.

​​​​​​July, 2013
I just have to thank you for saving me $520.00 a month on my mortgage payments! Hope this other thing goes through where the government will actually pay my mortgage for the next 2 years. I think you're a genius!!! Side note: We are still doing a principle reduction for J. and I am also getting the modified payment paid while he is unemployed.
J. Poloney

August, 2013
Representative was courteous, gave me weekly updates and my payment went from $2516.00 to $2013.00. What life savers The Home Rescuers are!
J. Dunbar

September, 2013
​Even though my modification was a lengthy process, I have no complaints! I was constantly informed of where we were in the process and I would have lost my home if I hadn't gone to The Home Rescuers!
M. Marolt

October, 2015
Thanks for everything! You have been so awesome!
We will keep referring people to you!
Lots of love,
J. and K. DelBene

​​July, 2016

I would like 2 thank Michele from Home Rescuers for helping me get back on my feet and handling all the issues with my house. You are by far the best at what you do. If anybody is having problems with their home, please reach out to her she will take care of you and help you save your home. She knows what the banks don't want you to know and she will help you get through the tough times.
Bill Watts
     Fax  856-579-4954

875 Mantua Pike Suite 12
 ​​​Woodbury, NJ 08096
 Southwood Shopping Center

March, 2014
Home Rescuers,​
You Guys Rock! I felt like the cat holding the rope and was about to let go! Working with you was great. You eased my mind and helped me relax. My kids love having their Mom back, and Love the fact that we are now able to do things again with the money you saved me each month.

March, 2014
You are the Best. Keep up the great work!
D. Jones​​​​​

March, 2014
U know ur stuff, & ppl would do themselves an injustice if they don't at least take advantage of a FREE consult..Thank You Michele & Your crew. Even tho we were up 2 date, u got us a better situation.
R. Dawson

April, 2014
Even though my lender refused to modify my loan, The Home Rescuers did an extraordinary amount of work for me to try. Thanks for what you are doing for people.
Alisha H.

November, 2014​​
​​I used The Home Rescuers to assist me, and my experience was Wonderful!
I was truly blessed that God opened up doors for me through Michele & her assistants. They were always friendly and polite. I will always remember each of you and continue to ask God to bless you and your business. Be Blessed in the Lord.
Rev. Lucille Moore

November, 2015
​Dear Home Resuers:
I cannot thank you enough for the help you provide.
We had a very good experience working with you and would highly recommend your company for anyone facing difficulty making their mortgage payments.
You not only helped us save the house we have made our home, you also allowed us to get our lives back on track. Our family is now back on track and so happy.
J. Smith

​​July 2016
Michele worked with us through 2 modifications and got us an affordable payment. She took care of all the paperwork and phone calls. We are still in our home because of all the work she did! Thank you again!!!!
Carolyn Mc Namee Cotter