Facing Foreclosure?
      Trouble Making Your Mortgage Payments?

                Do you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth?
                   Are you unemployed? Is your interest rate higher than 5%?

           Our team is experienced working with Most Lenders.
                               We Are Trained Negotiators.

                       Refinance at lower interest rates through
                                                MAKING HOME AFFORDABLE®
                                              or our many in-house programs.

                           Good Credit or Bad Credit

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               Do not let the banks scare you into moving out of
                    the House you have made into Your Home!

       Everyone knows someone who is going through something:
                divorce, loss of income, death in the family, illness.
           You would be doing them a service by referring them to

                                        ​THE HOME RESCUERS
                                                 for a free consultation.

       If we cannot help, we will refer them to someone who can.

                   ​​​​                 Hours are: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
                                      Special Arrangements can be made.​

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